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acquiring zsh by FTPAvailability
aliases, completion ofCompletion
aliases, definingShell Builtin Commands
aliases, expanding in function definitionScripts and Functions
aliases, expansionInput/Output
aliases, globalAliasing
aliases, listingShell Builtin Commands
aliases, removingShell Builtin Commands
alternate forms for complex commandsAlternate Forms For Complex Commands
always blocksComplex Commands
ambiguous completionCompletion
annoying keyboard, sunInput/Output
anonymous functionsAnonymous Functions
argument splitting, in typeset etc.Shell Emulation
arithmetic baseArithmetic Evaluation
arithmetic evaluationArithmetic Evaluation
arithmetic expansionArithmetic Expansion
arithmetic operatorsArithmetic Evaluation
array assignmentArray Parameters
array expansion style, rcParameter Expansion
array style, kshShell Emulation
arrays, behaviour of index zeroShell Emulation
arrays, ksh styleShell Emulation
asynchronous jobs, and exiting shellSignals
autocd, silencingChanging Directories
autoloading functionsAutoloading Functions
autoloading functionsShell Builtin Commands
availability of zshAvailability

background jobs, I/OJobs
background jobs, notificationJob Control
background jobs, priority ofJob Control
bases, in arithmeticArithmetic Evaluation
bases, output in C formatScripts and Functions
bash, BASH_REMATCH variableShell Emulation
beep, ambiguous completionCompletion
beep, enablingZle
beep, historyHistory
bg, output in POSIX formatJob Control
binding keysZle Builtins
binding widgetsZle Builtins
bindings, keyKeymaps
brace expansionBrace Expansion
brace expansion, disablingExpansion and Globbing
brace expansion, extendingExpansion and Globbing
bracketed pasteParameters Used By The Shell
break, inside functionScripts and Functions
builtin commandsShell Builtin Commands
builtins, utilityThe zsh/zutil Module

calendar function systemCalendar Function System
calling widgetsZle Builtins
case selectionComplex Commands
case-insensitive globbing, optionExpansion and Globbing
case-insensitive regular expression matches, optionExpansion and Globbing
cd, automaticChanging Directories
cd, behaving like pushdChanging Directories
cd, silencingChanging Directories
cd, to parameterChanging Directories
cd, with .. in argumentChanging Directories
character classesGlob Operators
characters, (Unicode) combiningZle
characters, multibyte, in expansion and globbingExpansion and Globbing
clobbering, of filesInput/Output
clobbering, POSIX compatibilityShell Emulation
cloning the shellThe zsh/clone Module
colon modifiersModifiers
combining characters (Unicode)Zle
command executionCommand Execution
command execution, enablingScripts and Functions
command hashingInput/Output
command not found, handling ofCommand Execution
command substitutionCommand Substitution
commands, alternate forms for complexAlternate Forms For Complex Commands
commands, builtinShell Builtin Commands
commands, complexComplex Commands
commands, disablingShell Builtin Commands
commands, enablingShell Builtin Commands
commands, simpleSimple Commands & Pipelines
commands, tracingScripts and Functions
comments, in interactive shellsInput/Output
compatibility, cshShell Builtin Commands
compatibility, kshShell Builtin Commands
compatibility, shShell Builtin Commands
compdef, use of by compinitAutoloaded files
compilationShell Builtin Commands
completion removable suffix, highlightingCharacter Highlighting
completion systemCompletion System
completion system, adding definitionsFunctions
completion system, autoloaded functionsAutoloaded files
completion system, bindable commandsBindable Commands
completion system, choosing completersControl Functions
completion system, completersControl Functions
completion system, configurationCompletion System Configuration
completion system, directory structureCompletion Directories
completion system, initializingUse of compinit
completion system, installingInitialization
completion system, stylesStandard Styles
completion system, tagsStandard Tags
completion system, utility functionsUtility Functions
completion system, variablesCompletion System Variables
completion widgets, adding specified matchesCompletion Builtin Commands
completion widgets, condition codesCompletion Condition Codes
completion widgets, creatingZle Builtins
completion widgets, examining and setting state inCompletion Special Parameters
completion widgets, exampleCompletion Widget Example
completion widgets, modifying special parametersCompletion Builtin Commands
completion, ambiguousCompletion
completion, beep on ambiguousCompletion
completion, coloured listingsThe zsh/complist Module
completion, controllingCompletion Widgets
completion, controllingCompletion System
completion, controllingCompletion Using compctl
completion, exact matchesCompletion
completion, listingCompletion
completion, listingThe zsh/complist Module
completion, listing choicesCompletion
completion, listing choices, bash styleCompletion
completion, listing orderCompletion
completion, menuCompletion
completion, menuCompletion
completion, programmableCompletion Widgets
completion, programmableCompletion System
completion, programmableCompletion Using compctl
completion, scroll listingsThe zsh/complist Module
completion, selecting by cursorMenu selection
completion, utilityThe zsh/computil Module
completion, widgetsCompletion Widgets
complex commandsComplex Commands
conditional expressionComplex Commands
conditional expressionsConditional Expressions
continue, inside functionScripts and Functions
continuing jobs automaticallyJob Control
continuing loopsShell Builtin Commands
coprocessSimple Commands & Pipelines
correction, spellingInput/Output
csh, history styleShell Emulation
csh, loop styleShell Emulation
csh, null command styleParameters Used By The Shell
csh, null globbing styleExpansion and Globbing
csh, quoting styleShell Emulation
csh, redirections with no commandShell Emulation

database tied array, creatingThe zsh/db/gdbm Module
database tied arrays, enumeratingThe zsh/db/gdbm Module
date string, printingThe zsh/datetime Module
DEBUG trap, before or after commandScripts and Functions
defining widgetsZle Builtins
descriptors, fileRedirection
directories, changingShell Builtin Commands
directories, hashingInput/Output
directories, maintaining list of recentRemembering Recent Directories
directories, markingExpansion and Globbing
directories, namedCompletion
directories, named, dynamicDynamic named directories
directories, named, dynamic, helper functionAbbreviated dynamic references to directories
directories, named, staticStatic named directories
directory stack, controlling syntaxChanging Directories
directory stack, ignoring duplicatesChanging Directories
directory stack, printingShell Builtin Commands
disabling brace expansionExpansion and Globbing
disabling commandsShell Builtin Commands
discarding embedded nulls in $’...’Shell Emulation
disowning jobsJobs
doing nothingShell Builtin Commands
dynamic directory naming, helper functionAbbreviated dynamic references to directories
dynamic named directoriesDynamic named directories

echo, BSD compatibleShell Emulation
editing historyShell Builtin Commands
editing over slow connectionParameters Used By The Shell
editing parametersZle Builtins
editor ksh styleDescription
editor, enablingZle
editor, lineZsh Line Editor
editor, overstrike modeZle
editor, single line modeZle
eight bit characters, printingInput/Output
embedded nulls, in $’...’Shell Emulation
enable globbing qualifiersExpansion and Globbing
enable history substitutionHistory
enabling bracketed pasteParameters Used By The Shell
enabling commandsShell Builtin Commands
enabling globbingExpansion and Globbing
enabling the beepZle
enabling the editorZle
environment variablesDescription
environment, and local parametersInitialisation
EOF, ignoringInput/Output
error, option to continue script onShell Emulation
errors, handling ofErrors
escape sequences, terminal, for highlightingCharacter Highlighting
evaluating arguments as commandsShell Builtin Commands
evaluation, arithmeticArithmetic Evaluation
event designators, historyEvent Designators
executables, hashingInput/Output
execution, of commandsCommand Execution
exit status from pipelineScripts and Functions
exit status, printingInput/Output
exit status, trappingScripts and Functions
exiting loopsShell Builtin Commands
exiting shell, and asynchronous jobsSignals
exiting, checking jobs whenJob Control
exiting, checking running jobs whenJob Control
expanding parametersShell Builtin Commands
expansion style, shShell Emulation
expansion, arithmeticArithmetic Expansion
expansion, braceBrace Expansion
expansion, brace, disablingExpansion and Globbing
expansion, brace, extendingExpansion and Globbing
expansion, filenameFilename Expansion
expansion, historyHistory Expansion
expansion, parameterParameter Expansion
expansion, promptExpansion of Prompt Sequences
export, automaticInitialisation
exporting, and local parametersInitialisation
expressions, conditionalConditional Expressions
extended attributes, xattr, getting from filesThe zsh/attr Module
extended attributes, xattr, listingThe zsh/attr Module
extended attributes, xattr, removing, deletingThe zsh/attr Module
extended attributes, xattr, setting on filesThe zsh/attr Module

fg, output in POSIX formatJob Control
field splitting, sh styleShell Emulation
field splitting, sh style, parameterParameter Expansion
file clobbering, allowingInput/Output
file clobbering, POSIX compatibilityShell Emulation
file descriptorsRedirection
file descriptors, use with parametersOpening file descriptors using parameters
file, historyShell Builtin Commands
filename expansionFilename Expansion
filename expansion, =Expansion and Globbing
filename generationFilename Generation
filename generation, bad patternExpansion and Globbing
files usedFiles
files, examiningThe zsh/stat Module
files, global startup, inhibitingInitialisation
files, listingThe zsh/stat Module
files, manipulatingThe zsh/files Module
files, marking type ofCompletion
files, shutdownStartup/Shutdown Files
files, startupStartup/Shutdown Files
flags, parameter expansionParameter Expansion Flags
flags, shellInvocation
floating point parametersArithmetic Evaluation
floating point, forcing use ofExpansion and Globbing
flow controlInput/Output
for loopsComplex Commands
forcing use of floating pointExpansion and Globbing
FTPThe zsh/zftp Module
FTP sites for zshAvailability
FTP, functions for using shell as clientZftp Function System
FTP, starting a sessionSubcommands
function return, on errorScripts and Functions
function, scope of break and continueScripts and Functions
functions, anonymousAnonymous Functions
functions, autoloadingAutoloading Functions
functions, autoloadingShell Builtin Commands
functions, defining with expanded aliasesScripts and Functions
functions, math, use ofArithmetic Evaluation
functions, mathematicalThe zsh/mathfunc Module
functions, profilingThe zsh/zprof Module
functions, recompilingRecompiling Functions
functions, removingShell Builtin Commands
functions, returning fromShell Builtin Commands

globbing modifiersModifiers
globbing qualifiers, enableExpansion and Globbing
globbing style, shExpansion and Globbing
globbing, ** specialExpansion and Globbing
globbing, bad patternExpansion and Globbing
globbing, enablingExpansion and Globbing
globbing, extendedExpansion and Globbing
globbing, no matchesExpansion and Globbing
globbing, null, style, cshExpansion and Globbing
globbing, of . filesExpansion and Globbing
globbing, qualifiersGlob Qualifiers
globbing, short formsExpansion and Globbing
globbing, sorting numericallyExpansion and Globbing
grammar, shellShell Grammar

hashing, of commandsInput/Output
hashing, of directoriesInput/Output
hashing, of executablesInput/Output
helpfiles utilityAccessing On-Line Help
hexadecimal, output in C formatScripts and Functions
highlighting, regionCharacter Highlighting
highlighting, special charactersCharacter Highlighting
historyHistory Expansion
history beepingHistory
history event designatorsEvent Designators
history expansionHistory Expansion
history modifiersModifiers
history style, cshShell Emulation
history word designatorsWord Designators
history, appending to a fileHistory
history, editingShell Builtin Commands
history, enable substitutionHistory
history, expiring duplicatesHistory
history, fileShell Builtin Commands
history, hook when line is savedHook Functions
history, ignoring all duplicatesHistory
history, ignoring duplicatesHistory
history, ignoring duplicates in searchHistory
history, ignoring spacesHistory
history, incremental appending to a fileHistory
history, incremental appending to a file with timeHistory
history, sharingHistory
history, stackShell Builtin Commands
history, timestampingHistory
history, verifying substitutionHistory
hook function utilityManipulating Hook Functions

identifiers, non-portable characters inShell Emulation
if constructComplex Commands
input, tracingScripts and Functions
integer parametersArithmetic Evaluation
invoking widgetsZle Builtins

job control, allowingJob Control
job control, in subshellJob Control
jobs, asynchronous, and exiting shellSignals
jobs, background priorityJob Control
jobs, background, I/OJobs
jobs, backgroundingShell Builtin Commands
jobs, continuing automaticallyJob Control
jobs, disowningJobs
jobs, disowningShell Builtin Commands
jobs, foregroundingShell Builtin Commands
jobs, HUPJob Control
jobs, killingShell Builtin Commands
jobs, list formatJob Control
jobs, output in subshellJob Control
jobs, referring toJobs
jobs, resumingShell Builtin Commands
jobs, resuming automaticallyJob Control
jobs, suspendingJobs
jobs, waiting forShell Builtin Commands

key bindingsKeymaps
keyboard definitionKeyboard Definition
keymapsZle Builtins
keys, bindingZle Builtins
keys, rebindingZle Builtins
killing jobsShell Builtin Commands
ksh compatibilityCompatibility
ksh, argument splitting in typesetShell Emulation
ksh, array styleShell Emulation
ksh, compatibilityShell Builtin Commands
ksh, editor modeDescription
ksh, null command styleParameters Used By The Shell
ksh, option printing styleShell Emulation
ksh, redirections with no commandShell Emulation
ksh, single letter options styleShell Emulation

limits, resourceShell Builtin Commands
line editorZsh Line Editor
line number, in evaluated expressionScripts and Functions
line, readingShell Builtin Commands
links, symbolicChanging Directories
listSimple Commands & Pipelines
loading modulesShell Builtin Commands
local keymapsLocal Keymaps
logging out, checking jobs whenJob Control
logging out, checking running jobs whenJob Control
long optionInvocation
loop style, cshShell Emulation
loops, continuingShell Builtin Commands
loops, exitingShell Builtin Commands
loops, forComplex Commands
loops, repeatComplex Commands
loops, untilComplex Commands
loops, whileComplex Commands

mail, warning of readingInput/Output
mailing listsMailing Lists
marking directoriesExpansion and Globbing
marking file typesCompletion
mathematical functionsThe zsh/mathfunc Module
mathematical functions, use ofArithmetic Evaluation
mode, privilegedShell State
modifiers, precommandPrecommand Modifiers
modulesZsh Modules
modules, exampleThe zsh/example Module
modules, loadingShell Builtin Commands
modules, writingThe zsh/example Module
multibyte characters, in expansion and globbingExpansion and Globbing

named directories, dynamicDynamic named directories
named directories, dynamic, helper functionAbbreviated dynamic references to directories
named directories, staticStatic named directories
no clobber, POSIX compatibleShell Emulation
notification of background jobsJob Control
null command styleParameters Used By The Shell
null globbing style, cshExpansion and Globbing
nulls, embedded in $’...’Shell Emulation

octal, arithmetic expressionsScripts and Functions
octal, output in C formatScripts and Functions
operator precedenceScripts and Functions
operators, arithmeticArithmetic Evaluation
option printing style, kshShell Emulation
option printing, ksh styleShell Emulation
options, aliasesOption Aliases
options, descriptionDescription of Options
options, shellInvocation
options, single letterSingle Letter Options
options, single letter, ksh styleShell Emulation
options, specifyingSpecifying Options
options, unsettingShell Builtin Commands
overstrike mode, of editorZle

parameter expansionParameter Expansion
parameter expansion flagsParameter Expansion Flags
parameter expansion style, rcExpansion and Globbing
parameter modifiersModifiers
parameter names, non-portable characters inShell Emulation
parameter, file access viaThe zsh/mapfile Module
parameters, arrayDescription
parameters, associative arrayDescription
parameters, declaringShell Builtin Commands
parameters, editingZle Builtins
parameters, editorUser-Defined Widgets
parameters, expandingShell Builtin Commands
parameters, floating pointArithmetic Evaluation
parameters, for using file descriptorsOpening file descriptors using parameters
parameters, integerArithmetic Evaluation
parameters, listingShell Builtin Commands
parameters, marking readonlyShell Builtin Commands
parameters, positionalShell Builtin Commands
parameters, positionalShell Builtin Commands
parameters, scalarDescription
parameters, settingShell Builtin Commands
parameters, setting arrayShell Builtin Commands
parameters, specialDescription
parameters, specialThe zsh/parameter Module
parameters, specialThe zsh/zleparameter Module
parameters, substituting unsetExpansion and Globbing
parameters, unsettingShell Builtin Commands
parameters, warning when created globallyExpansion and Globbing
parameters, warning when setting in enclosing scopeExpansion and Globbing
parameters, zleUser-Defined Widgets
path search, extendedInput/Output
path search, for script argument to shellInput/Output
PCRE, regexpExpansion and Globbing
pipelineSimple Commands & Pipelines
pipeline, exit status fromScripts and Functions
precedence of glob operatorsPrecedence
precedence, operatorScripts and Functions
precommand modifiersPrecommand Modifiers
priority of background jobsJob Control
private parameter, creatingThe zsh/param/private Module
privileged modeShell State
process substitutionProcess Substitution
prompt expansionExpansion of Prompt Sequences
prompt, ! expansionPrompting
prompt, % expansionPrompting
prompt, parameter expansionPrompting
prompt, save partial linesPrompting
prompt, with CRPrompting
pushd, making cd behave likeChanging Directories
pushd, to homeChanging Directories

qualifiers, globbingGlob Qualifiers
querying before rm *Input/Output
quoting style, cshShell Emulation
quoting style, rcInput/Output

rc, array expansion styleParameter Expansion
rc, parameter expansion styleExpansion and Globbing
rc, quoting styleInput/Output
reading a lineShell Builtin Commands
rebinding keysZle Builtins
rebinding widgetsZle Builtins
recent directories, maintaining list ofRemembering Recent Directories
redirection, current shell’s I/OShell Builtin Commands
redirections with no command, cshShell Emulation
redirections with no command, kshShell Emulation
redirections with no command, shShell Emulation
referring to jobsJobs
regexThe zsh/regex Module
regexp, bash BASH_REMATCH variableShell Emulation
regexp, PCREExpansion and Globbing
region, highlightingCharacter Highlighting
regular expressionsThe zsh/regex Module
regular expressions, case-insensitive matching, optionExpansion and Globbing
regular expressions, perl-compatibleThe zsh/pcre Module
removable suffix, highlighting in completionCharacter Highlighting
repeat loopsComplex Commands
reporter utilityDumping Shell State
reserved wordsReserved Words
resource limitsShell Builtin Commands
resource limitsShell Builtin Commands
resource limitsShell Builtin Commands
restricted shellRestricted Shell
restricted shellShell State
resuming jobs automaticallyJob Control
return from function, on errorScripts and Functions
rm *, querying beforeInput/Output
rm *, waiting beforeInput/Output

select, system callThe zsh/zselect Module
selection, caseComplex Commands
selection, userComplex Commands
sh compatibilityCompatibility
sh, compatibilityShell Builtin Commands
sh, expansion styleShell Emulation
sh, field splitting styleShell Emulation
sh, field splitting style, parameterParameter Expansion
sh, globbing styleExpansion and Globbing
sh, redirections with no commandShell Emulation
sh, single letter options styleShell Emulation
share historyHistory
shell flagsInvocation
shell grammarShell Grammar
shell optionsInvocation
shell, cloningThe zsh/clone Module
shell, suspendingShell Builtin Commands
shell, timingShell Builtin Commands
shutdown filesStartup/Shutdown Files
signals, trappingTrap Functions
signals, trappingShell Builtin Commands
simple commandsSimple Commands & Pipelines
single commandShell State
single letter optionsSingle Letter Options
single letter options, ksh styleShell Emulation
slash, removing trailingCompletion
slow connection, editing overParameters Used By The Shell
socketsThe zsh/net/socket Module
sockets, closing TCPClosing Connections
sockets, inbound TCPInbound Connections
sockets, inbound Unix domainInbound Connections
sockets, outbound TCPOutbound Connections
sockets, outbound Unix domainOutbound Connections
sockets, TCPThe zsh/net/tcp Module
sockets, Unix domainThe zsh/net/socket Module
special characters, highlightingCharacter Highlighting
special parametersDescription
spelling correctionInput/Output
stack, historyShell Builtin Commands
startup filesStartup/Shutdown Files
startup files, global, inhibitingInitialisation
startup files, sourcingInitialisation
static named directoriesStatic named directories
status, on exit from pipelineScripts and Functions
styles in zftp functionsConfiguration
sublistSimple Commands & Pipelines
subscript flagsSubscript Flags
subscriptsArray Subscripts
subshellComplex Commands
substitution, commandCommand Substitution
substitution, parameter, flagsParameter Expansion Flags
substitution, processProcess Substitution
suffix, highlighting removable, in completionCharacter Highlighting
sun keyboard, annoyingInput/Output
suspending jobsJobs
suspending the shellShell Builtin Commands
symbolic linksChanging Directories

TCPThe zsh/net/tcp Module
TCP function systemTCP Function System
TCP, exampleExample
termcap value, printingThe zsh/termcap Module
terminalThe zsh/clone Module
terminal escape sequences for highlightingCharacter Highlighting
terminfo value, printingThe zsh/terminfo Module
text objectsText Objects
timed executionThe zsh/sched Module
timingComplex Commands
timing the shellShell Builtin Commands
tracing, of commandsScripts and Functions
tracing, of input linesScripts and Functions
trapping signalsTrap Functions
trapping signalsShell Builtin Commands
traps, asynchronousShell Emulation
traps, DEBUG, before or after commandScripts and Functions
traps, on function exitShell Emulation
traps, POSIX compatibilityShell Emulation
try blocksComplex Commands

umaskShell Builtin Commands
Unicode combining charactersZle
unset parameters, substitutingExpansion and Globbing
until loopsComplex Commands
user contributionsUser Contributions
user selectionComplex Commands

variables, environmentDescription
version control utilityGathering information from version control systems

waiting before rm *Input/Output
waiting for jobsShell Builtin Commands
watching usersShell Builtin Commands
while loopsComplex Commands
widgets, bindingZle Builtins
widgets, callingZle Builtins
widgets, definingZle Builtins
widgets, invokingZle Builtins
widgets, rebindingZle Builtins
widgets, standardStandard Widgets
widgets, user-definedUser-Defined Widgets
windows, cursesBuiltin
word designators, historyWord Designators
writing modulesThe zsh/example Module

zftp function systemZftp Function System
zftp function system, automatic reopeningAutomatic and temporary reopening
zftp function system, configurationConfiguration
zftp function system, remote globbingRemote globbing
zftp function system, stylesConfiguration
zftp, functionsFunctions
zftp, parametersParameters
zftp, problemsProblems
zftp, subcommandsSubcommands
ZLEZsh Line Editor
zle, builtin commandsZle Builtins
zloginStartup/Shutdown Files
zlogoutStartup/Shutdown Files
zprofileStartup/Shutdown Files
zrecompile utilityRecompiling Functions
zsh/datetime, function system based onCalendar Function System
zshenvStartup/Shutdown Files
zshrcStartup/Shutdown Files
ztcp, function system based onTCP Function System